Conference Scope

The conference scope including suggested (but not limited to) sub-categories are as follows:

1. Fundamental Constants
CODATA - Candidate Measurements
Fundamental Constant Discrepancy Issues (Big G, Proton Radius, Muon g-2 etc)
Fundamental Consistency Tests
Fundamental Constants - Other
2. Realization and Dissemination of the Kilogram
Kibble Balances, Electrostatic Balances, Avogadro Methods
Low-Mass Kibble Balances
Realization and Dissemination of the Kilogram - Other
3. Novel Sensors and Measurements
MEMS and NEMS in Electrical Measurements
Nanoscale Electrical Measurements
Novel Sensors and Measurements - Other
4. Quantum Electrical Standards
Development and Application of Josephson Voltage Standards
Single-Electron Transport (SET) and Quantum Current Standards
Development and Application of Quantum Hall Resistance Standards (including Graphene)
Quantum Impedance Bridges
SQUID-Based Measurements and Cryogenic Current Comparators (CCC)
Quantum Electrical Standards - Other
5. Quantum Technologies and Electromagnetic Metrology
Electromagnetic Quantum Technology Roadmaps
Second Quantum Revolution - Applications to Electromagnetic Metrology
Measurements to Support Quantum Information Systems
Quantum Sensors
Quantum Technologies and Electromagnetic Metrology - Other
6. Photonics and Optical Metrology
Single Photon Metrology
Radiometric Standards at the Few Photon Level
Optical Sensing of Electrical Quantities
Far-Infrared Metrology
Photonics and Optical Metrology - Other
7. Time and Frequency
Redefinition of the Second
Atomic Fountains, Microwave Clocks, Optical Clocks
Frequency Combs
Stable RF and Optical Oscillators for Atomic Clocks
Time Scales, Synchronization
Time and Frequency - Other
8. Voltage
DC Voltage
AC and DC Voltage Ratio
AC Voltage
AC-DC Voltage Difference
Voltage - Other
9. Current
DC Current
AC Current
AC-DC Current Difference
Current - Other
10. Resistance
High, Medium and Low Resistance
Resistance Bridges (DC and AC)
Resistance - Other
11. Impedance
Coaxial/Digital Bridges
Thompson Lampard Capacitors
Inductance, Capacitance and AC Resistance
Impedance Analysers and LCR meters
Impedance – Other
12. Power and Energy
Harmonic Power and Power Analysis
Smart Grid & Phase Measurement Units
Smart Grid & Power Quality
Power and Energy - Other
13. High Voltage and Current
AC High Voltage/Current/Power
DC High Voltage/Current/Power
High Voltage Impulse
High Voltage and Current - Other
14. Radio Frequency / Microwave
Antennas, Fields, and Electromagnetic Compatibility
Fast Pulses, Terahertz, and Waveform Metrology
Power, Noise, and Network-Parameters
Attenuation and Transmission Line Impedance Standards
Materials Characterisation
Radio Frequency / Microwave – Other
15. Magnetics
Electromagnetic Properties of Materials
Conventional Magnetometers and Magnetic Sensors
Magnetics - Other
16. International Electromagnetic Metrology
Software Tools and Uncertainty Analysis
International Electromagnetic Metrology - Other