CPEM 2022 Special Section

CPEM 2022 Special Section of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement

The CPEM 2022 Special Section of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM), intended to promote the best results presented at CPEM 2022, will be published in 2023. The CPEM 2022 Special Section will contain papers selected based on regular peer review of the manuscripts submitted by the participants of CPEM 2022. Each manuscript should be based on a two-page digest published in the CPEM 2022 digest book (proceedings) and presented at CPEM 2022. The manuscript must be significantly extended beyond the digest paper (in terms of the technical content and research results). Papers longer than 8 pages will be subject to the TIM overlength fee.

Special Issue manuscripts may be uploaded ONLY during the January 9 to January 23, 2023. Please DO NOT try to submit your papers earlier, since the CPEM Special Section folder in Editorial Manager will not be available.


A maximum of 70 manuscripts will be accepted for the special CPEM Special Section of TIM. Once the maximum is reached, the Special Section will be closed. Accepted manuscripts that do not make it into the Special Section may appear later in a regular issue of TIM. Please note: Accept/revise/reject decisions will be made by the regular TIM editors-in-chief. The function of the CPEM guest editors is to select qualified reviewers and to provide the regular TIM editors-in-chief with recommendations.

Preparation for Special Issue Manuscript Submission: Please carefully read the instructions for authors, especially the section “Extended Version of Proceedings Paper”. Instructions on that page contain information of vital importance for problem-free submission. The Special Section to submit to is called “CPEM 2022.” Please use the “IEEE Template Selector” at the IEEE Author centre to choose the appropriate “IEEE Transactions On Instrumentation and Measurement” template (Word and Latex).

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